Customer Testimonials
See what our customers say!

Customer Testimonials
See what our customers say!

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Wisconsin -
Paydirt Gold Panning Kit:

great kit, love the little pan, and found a good amount of gold in that bag. Love it! Thank you!

North Carolina-
I have been into gold prospecting for nearly a year now. I have tried pay dirt from several places, to include bags from Alaska, Georgia, and North Carolina. This is by far the best I have seen for the price. I purchased two of the nugget bags and simply had a blast going through them. I got a nugget in my first bag and TWO in my second one. I also came away with about 15 puckers between the two bags. I added the gold to a vial with some before I weighed it, but. Would say I got close to three grams, if not a bit more, out of the two bags. I will be buying more very soon!
William C.

North Carolina -
3" Proline Floating Dredge -Very easy to use. It is a gas sipper as well. It will catch pin head sized gold and larger. Clean outs are a snap and only take about 15 minutes to complete. I would most definitely reccommend this produce to a friend. And customer service was great.
Joey P.

Georgia -

Hi there, I recently placed an order with your store. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your excellent service. My order arrived well before I expected it, it was complete and in good shape. I really appreciated the gift of the 2 sucker tubes, that was very unexpected. Thank you.
As my wife(who I now,do not have to fight over our first Garrett kit)and I are recently new to this hobby, we won't need any thing larger right now,(hoping to get a folding stream sluice next) but as I need more things I will definitely give your place first consideration.
Again thanks for your prompt and courteous service,
Your new customer,
Paul S.